Angular contact thrust ball bearings 2A-BST series FAQS

QWhat is Angular contact thrust ball bearings 2A-BST series?

AThe 2A-BST type incorporates the maximum possible number of small balls (compared with those of a standard bearing), has thicker inner and outer rings and a larger contact angle of 60˚. Thus, this type of bearing boasts greater axial rigidity.

QWhat is Duplex angular contact ball bearings HT series ?

AHT type duplex angular contact ball bearings feature larger axial load capacity while maintaining the same dimensions as a standard angular contact ball bearing (contact angle: 30˚). Bearings smaller than the BST type are available for use in small products.

QWhat is Super-precision bearings?

ASuper Precision Ball Bearings. NSK Super Precision Bearings are designed to meet demanding needs of special applications including high accuracy, high rotational speed and high rigidity. ... Low Noise - Quieter running high-speed spindle featuring Spinshot II Lubrication System.

QWhat is angular contact thrust ball bearings for screw drives ?

ASearch Results Featured snippet from the web Angular contact thrust ball bearings for screw drives. Machine tools require screw drives that can position a work piece or machine component quickly, efficiently, and precisely. To meet these requirements, screw drives can be supported at both ends by SKF super-precision angular contact thrust ball bearings.